• Content-rich stories that encourage discovery and discussion 

  • Stories that cultivate creativity and welcome imagination

  • Stories that educate and entertain both children and their parents

  • Stories that promote read-together time

  • Stories and language (vocabulary and sentence structure) that expose children to a little more sophisticated language than what they are generally exposed to 

  • Stories and language that nurture growing minds 

  • Stories that are wholesome, warm, and happy and sprinkled with innocent humor and wit 

  • Stories that make children nod with delight and approval

Who is Miss Anna? 


A Thinker

A Dreamer

An Observer

An Analyzer

A Visionary

An Innovator

A Warrior

A Learner

A Teacher

A Friend

A Believer

An Artist

An Introvert

A Mother















Miss Anna likes to think "outside of the box".

She likes to focus on the big picture.

She enjoys pondering about the "what ifs".

Her mind is always busy imagining all possibilities.

She cherishes flashes of inspiration and insight. 

She desires to be of service to all,

especially to little children.

Can you tell me more about Miss Anna?


Since you insist, we'll tell you a little bit more.


doesn't drink coffee or tea.

It gives her a massive headache.


She is refraining herself from eating a Haagen-Dazs ice-cream 

(vanilla her favorite), opting for a carrot stick instead.

She currently lives in Portland, Oregon

and loves the rain that makes everything so green.

She likes Thai food.

She spent 11 years of her early years in Bangkok

eating all the savory dishes Thailand has to offer.

She's Korean (South). 

And considering that she only lived 3 months in that land,

it's amazing that she passes as a native speaker from Korea.

Still, she frequently puts her nose in a dictionary

which very much humbles her.  

She studied Linguistics and Spanish at

the University of California, Irvine.

Don't ask her to speak Spanish, please.

She's very much out of practice. 

She studied TESOL and Composition for her Masters 

during the time she lived in the Bay Area (San Francisco).

She misses Ghiradeilli and its decadent chocolate sundaes .

She never dreamt of becoming a writer.

It was serendipity, really...

She never liked numbers.

She never liked any subjects that dealt with numbers.

She was very very proud of the B- she got in Algebra.

She really worked hard for it.

Today, she is 95% healed of math anxiety.

The Numbers in the Number Story doctored her and

befriended her, making her smile with the endless stories they tell.

She wishes ALL children to be introduced to numbers

in a different light--not as calculating scrooges

but as jolly new friends!

Miss Anna's stories are a perfect fit for

  • parents who are looking for a new approach that truly works

  • grandparents who want to hear the silvery chirps of their grandchildren as they are reading the stories together

  • scouts on a lookout for a great fundraiser

  • teachers who are looking for content-filled and educational children's books the whole class can enjoy

  • libraries which seek to make available to the families great award-winning books in popular demand

  • book clubs that are compiling a new list of great reads

  • private schools (preschools, kindergartens, and elementary) which want to receive lavish compliments from parents for using such great stories to supplement their curriculum

  • children with needs who have a hard time learning the traditional way

  • children's hospitals that want warm yet engaging books that would make their young patients smile and dream

  • bookstores on a lookout to stock the next best seller

  • gift stores everywhere (even in museums and airports) that need to carry books that parents sincerely want to buy for their children

  • companies which are looking for an unpretentious yet unique gift that excites their customers, clients, and patrons (they cannot wait to give it their children/grandchildren and see them smile)

  • you! Isn't that why you are browsing through Miss Anna's website?  

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