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The Shape Stories are here!

Yes, SHAPES! You know: circles, triangles, squares and the like...?

Well, these are no ordinary shapes, mind you.

They are the newest best friends a child could ever have!

And you can expect wholesome fun, smiles, laughs, and (pssst) learning in every story.

Miss Anna always presents a subject in a different way, a very new way!

Who knew learning could be just a story away?

Awaken the 'creative', the 'ingenuity', and the 'more' in your child with The Shape Story!

You can find the Shape Stories at these web stores:

Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, Waterstones, Fishpond, KOBO, and Amazon to name a few.

Also, you can ask for them at your local bookstores! 

Your child's newest favorites!

Wishing Shelf Awards  - England - 

Reviewed   &  Rated


4.5   out of 5

5.0   out of 5

5.0   out of 5

5.0   out of 5



"Perfect for young children!" 

Wishing Shelf Book Awards, England


The Shapes and Their Names

Discover the joys of knock-knock books.

Knock Knock! 

What is the shape behind each door?

Do you like shapes? Yes, shapes! 

Well, you will like us. 

We are the mostly friendly and charming SHAPES

you will ever meet.

Do come into our world!

We have prepared a story just for you!

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-952082-66-5

Hardback ISBN:  978-1-952082-67-2 

eBOOK ISBN: 978-1-952082-68-9

story1--MAG06 (1).png

4.5   out of 5

"Delightfully illustrated children's book!"

"Educational picture book!"

"Every shape is 'hidden behind a door!'"

"Entices young readers to turn the page!"

"It's all good fun!"

"I would happily recommend this book!"

Wishing Shelf Book Awards Review

story2--MAG06 (1).png

5.0   out of 5


The Delightful World of 3-D Shapes

Discover the many names of 3D shapes.

Let's visit an amusement park!

There'll also be a treasure hunt

for 3-D shapes!

We, Shapes, love shapes in 3-D!

They shape our world, 

building up the old

and inspiring the new.

Indeed, They hold so much promise. They do!

For one thing, they promise for us

a day full of delightful fun!

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-952082-69-6

Hardback ISBN:  978-1-952082-70-2 

eBOOK ISBN: 978-1-952082-71-9

Wishing Shelf Book Awards Review

"I would recommend it to any teacher/parent

of 6-9 years old!"

"Looks at lots of different shapes!"

"This is a gem of a book!"

"Learning 3-D shape's a treasure hunt! A cool idea!"

"Sweetly illustrated book!"

"A fun, exciting way for young children to learn about 3-D shapes!"


The Shapes' Creative Color Collection

Discover the childlike ways to identify colors.

Guess the COLOR!

Then tour the galleries to hear the many, many ways to describe colors!

Shapes love colors!

We sure do!

We love colors so much that we have

created our own colorful collection!

But... what are their names?

can you teach us their very special names?

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-952082-63-4

Hardback ISBN:  978-1-952082-64-1 

eBOOK ISBN: 978-1-952082-62-7

story3--MAG06 (1).png

5.0   out of 5

"Identify a color in terms of how we feel when we see it!"

"Miss Anna works her wonders with colors!"

"A fun way for 6-8 year olds to understand colors

and what they represent!"

"Sweetly illustrated book!"

"The Shape Story books keep getting better and better!"

"Has a lovely 'hand-drawn' feel to them!"

Wishing Shelf Book Awards Review

story4--MAG06 (1).png

5.0   out of 5


The Shapes Discover How to Make Colors

Discover the secrets of makings colors.

Let's travel through history

to see how people long ago

made colorful pigments and dyes!

Shapes love colors!

WE love colors so much that 

we wish we can make colors ourselves!

Yet, a doodle of a shape

cannot make colors.

But you can!

Would you like to know how?

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-952082-60-3

Hardback ISBN:   978-1-952082-61-0 

eBOOK ISBN: 978-1-952082-65-8

"It's always fun to find a book that is a little bit different!"

"A captivating look at the origins of color!"

"I would happily recommend this charming little book!"

Informative but fun too!"

"A book on art or Art History!"

"Perfect for any child - or adult!"

Wishing Shelf Book Awards Review

"A book you can enjoy with a child!"

An Interview with

Miss Anna

Miss Anna wrote The Shape Story books for her four children, especially for her youngest. We asked her why, since there are already a great many children’s books on colors and shapes, thousands in fact, some being more well known than others. At this, she replied that she envisioned a different kind of story-telling. She wanted to write a story that is more than a bulletin board of facts. That is not to say that she does not like facts. She does. Her books are full of “nuggets of knowledge” as she calls it, but they are nuggets packaged naturally within the story. She imagined a book that will speak to the child directly as if the child is actually there with the characters and a story that will be loved by the whole family, even the older siblings.


Like adults, children do not judge a book by its cover. They too gauge the content and how the content is presented, and they are most difficult to please. In fact, they are the harshest critics, and Miss Anna has four of them at home. Searching her mind and heart, she says she wanted to write a story (about colors and shapes) that will be engaging, informative, and educational, and yet still be warm, friendly, welcoming, and full of childlike mirth (for they are still children). She says beautiful illustrations are important, but adds that if the content does not pique the interest or strike the fancy of an adult reader, you can half expect the child to toss that book aside, never to pick it up again. Hence, The Shape Story, which is four stories in all, is the beautiful outcome of her imaginative playing with her children.  



So, here there are, four new stories that will sweep your child (and you) into a world of shapes and colors!

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