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Sijo Shijo Goshijo

A poetic treasure from the bygone kingdom days of Korea

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The Beloved Classics of Korean Poetry

On Patriotic Loyalty

Beautifully illustrated versions of twenty classical favorites! These poems capture the hearts of men as they carried themselves with honor during the last days of Goryeo and the very beginnings of Joseon. Discover SIJO at its heroic best!

The Beloved Classics of Korean Poetry

On the Political Drama

An illustrated narrative of twenty poetic reflections! These poems highlight the hearts of those who carried themselves honorably in their given hour of history.

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The Beloved Classics of Korean Poetry

On the Matters of the Heart

An illustrated story of twenty classical masterpieces! These poems are timeless gems that capture the heartbeat of the human heart. Herein are contemplations from nature, poetic expressions of love along with poetic advices and admonitions.

The Beloved Classics of Korean Poetry

On Timeless Reflections

An illustrated ruminations of twenty classical favorites! In these SIJOS are words of wisdom passed down from the ancient paths. Discover SIJO at its contemplative best!

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