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"Miss Anna's "The Number Story" book series is a

wonderful and fresh supplement to early math skills."


"Miss Anna's "The Number Story" book series is a

wonderful and fresh supplement to early math skills."

"Miss Anna's books are so fun to read that both parents

and children can learn, laugh, and delight together."

"I like that each book is uniquely written in rhyme,

and creatively formatted with two-books in one."

"The Number Stories are unique. Miss Anna ties in other 

important subject matter, such as history and geography, with each

mathematical theme. So children aren't just learning about math. They are also learning about history and the world around them."

"The Number Story's beautifully animated illustrations

have a sweet, funny, and engaging personality that makes you

want to return to them over and over again."

"Every book in the series is both humorous and loving,

which are the top two ingredients that make learning fun

and encourage a lifelong love of learning."

"A very sweet book!

The colourful illustrations help a lot to make

it accessible for young readers. The rhyming also helps."

"Worked well with my younger children (3-4 year olds). 

They loved the drawings."

"There are so many fun things for children to enjoy,

all helping to encourage them to learn to count.

There is a good balance of empty space and illustration. 

Also, it is not too long so the child is not overwhelmed."

"I am a primary school teacher and literacy co-ordinator, 

and I must say that I was very impressed."

"I worked with the Number Story for a lesson with

two five year old boys, and they seemed to love it.

They liked that the numbers had eyes and mouths

and looked like real characters."

"There is a cosy feel to her stories

lacking in many big publisher number books."

"The Number Story provided a fun way of looking at numbers.

The drawings had a sweet feel to it."

"I loved all the drawings. They were funny."

"I liked the way the writer helped me with my numbers.

I also like that it is not too long 

and that there are two books in one.

That was really clever."

"The Number Story is a commendable number book that might

just help struggling children to count.

It is a finalist and highly recommended."

"The Number Story is a handy little book that is a very clever way of

helping children to understand not just how numbers work,

but also why they are so important."

"All in all, I was very impressed by this little book

(Number Story 5 &6). I would think any child aged 6-9

would find it interesting and helpful."

"My children loved this little book."

"The Shape Stories are wonderful! Haiku loves them, we all do.

Absolutely beautiful artwork throughout. I love it!

Haiku is already learning new things and excitedly sharing them with us.

It's definitely not only for younger children,

but interesting to all ages.

Children will love to grow with these!"

"The Shape Stories are so wonderful!

We cannot get enough of them.

We've been reading them everyday!"

"The Shape Stories are so wonderful,

SO much fun to read and learn,

look and imagine!

We are enjoying them so and will enjoy them for years to come!"



"I love finding books that are alive

and draw my children into the story!

Miss Anna's books do a beautiful job of

making numbers, shapes, and colors come alive

and connect in the hearts of children!"





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